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Structure and filter elements

Data Sheet
(PDF - 426 KiB)

Big bag filters are large-capacity filter elements suitable for flocculation sludge.

The support (reference = SI21770) supports the filtering big bag and provides a PP retention area for drip collection.

The standard big bag filter (reference = SI18133) has a filtration threshold of 250μm. It can be used as is for liquid sludge filtration. Its mechanical structure and sturdy seams limit the risk of tearing.

Characteristics & benefits

  • Heavy-duty structure with polypropylene drip tray.
  • Big bag with strong seams for reliable use (250 μm filtration threshold).
  • Addition of a custom-made felt bag in the big bag (1 to 200μm and dimensions to choose from, in polyester or polypropylene felt). Integrated laces and Velcro fasteners facilitate fast, secure installation of the felt in the big bag.