Stainless steel filter cartridge - Pleated media made of sintered stainless steel fibers
From 0,5 to 40 µm (absolute)

Data Sheet
(PDF - 268.1 KiB)

Made entirely of stainless steel, the STEELPORE filter element provides depth filtration through a media composed of sintered stainless steel fibers.

These fibers produce an optimized porous media screen for particle retention down to a 0.5 micron threshold. The depth media is first held between 2 layers of woven fabric before being pleated.

The woven fabric provides additional mechanical reinforcement and facilitates liquid distribution to provide excellent filtration performance with minimal pressure drop. The STEELPORE filter element’s media and end caps are carefully welded together for high pressure resistance up to 350°C.

The STEELPORE filter cartridge is designed to be perfectly cleaned and regenerated by countercurrent, steam or chemical sanitization.

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