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As a specialist in fluid management, the Siebec group is composed of a network of experts enabling it to respond to all the problems of fluid treatment, filtration or transfer.

Our history:

The group’s companies:

With over 60 years of experience in the filtration of electroplating process baths, Siebec develops, innovates and implements solutions for filtration, precious metal recovery, de-oiling, fluid transfer and purification.

Siebec’s expertise is based on 3 product ranges:

Industrial filters : Industrial filters, precious metal reclaimers, oil separators

Pumps & agitator : Vertical, magnetic drive, mechanical seal pumps, agitator nozzles

Fluid treatmens : EASYPURE effluent treatment plant, MINIPURE cutting fluid treatment system


Bohncke GMBH, founded in 1975, is the leading German manufacturer of pumps and filters for the surface treatment industry. The company was acquired by the SIEBEC Group in 2015.

Filtration & pumps : Filters, Oil separators, Precious metal reclaimers, Satin nickel filters, Vertical pumps


Industrial suction for the environment

With more than 40 years of expertise in industrial suction, SOFRAPER offers a wide range of technical solutions for your suction problems, treatment of chips, fluids, dust, fumes, oils, etc.

Investment in R&D is fundamental for SOFRAPER. Our solutions are based on our patented technologies for an unequalled performance
and strict compliance with environmental standards such as ISO 14001.