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Felt filter bag with oil absorbent
(1 to 200 µm)

Data Sheet
(PDF - 205.4 KiB)

Characteristics & benefits

  • Depending on the hydraulic conditions, the microfiber load can
    capture between 2 and 4 times its weight.
  • Microfiber load of 400 grams for a T10 bag.
  • Microfiber load of 800 grams for a T20 bag.
  • Uniform diffusion of the liquid through the microfibers thanks to the
    perforated PP tube.
  • Do not exceed 0.5 bar of differential pressure in order not to release
    the captured oil.
  • QUALIPOCHE POOAM model available with O-ring or molded ring for a
    better sealing.
  • Made from silicone-free materials.
  • Lot number on bags and packaging.