Spundbounded & carbon block filter cartridge

Data Sheet
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QUALICARB DUO was designed to optimize filtration stages , it is placed uphill from an extruded carbon filter cartridge in order to enhance the reduction of a pollutant (chlorine) or downhill from a thermowelded cartridge in order to create a finer filtration.

QUALICARB DUO is used for residential applications under a sink or uphill from a purification device (osmosis unit,UF...)and specific purification processes (surface treatment, deodorizing...)

Characteristics & advantages

  • Nominal prefiltration at 5μm
  • Adsorption on GAC extruded compacted carbon
  • Coconut carbon
  • Available on request with 3,7, and 8 fittings
  • Length from 10’’ to 30’’
Extruded active carbon filter cartridge