Wound filter cartridge PP, coton, or PES
0.5 to 100 µm (nominal) (48h shipping)

Data Sheet
(PDF - 232 KiB)

QUALIBOB filter cartridges are wound filter elements guaranteeing nominal filtration for various clarification or prefiltration applications ...

The range of filter media (polypropylene, cotton, polyester) offers excellent chemical compatibility for various applications. The stainless steel core helps improves temperature stability of the cartridge.

The maximum differential pressure is 5 bar, but it is recommended to replace them at 2.5 bar.

Characteristics & benefits

  • High quality winding.
  • Available in 2 diameters: 62 and 105 mm for BB versions.
  • High chemical compatibility: water, acids, solvents, oils, chemicals ...
  • 3 filter materials available: polypropylene - cotton - polyester.
  • Available with stainless steel (SS) core for high temperature applications.