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Pleated filter bag

Data Sheet
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QUALI-PLEATED-BAG products are high-flow pleated filter elements that fit in place of a filter bag.

The large filter surface area combined with the high porosity media provide the QUALI-PLEATED-BAG with minimal pressure drop and excellent retention capabilities.

QUALI-PLEATED-BAG is assembled by heat welding to ensure maximum chemical compatibility and avoid the risk of contamination. Pressure and temperature resistance is enhanced by the injection moulded outer cage. Unlike existing technologies, this design gives the pleated filter bag greater rigidity and drastically increases the filtration area compared with conventional filter bags.

Consequently, once the ‘QUALI-PLEATED-BAG’ becomes blocked, it can be removed without difficulty.

QUALI-PLEATED-BAG incorporates a draining grid upstream and downstream of the filter media to ensure the pleats are spaced apart. This design increases filter life and maximises filtration throughput.

  • Features & Benefits
  • Wide range of porosity from 0.2μm to 100μm, filter materials and media
  • 100% welded and reinforced design
  • High retention capacity thanks to its design (draining grids, multilayers, etc.)
  • Low pressure losses
  • Contains no surfactants, binders, adhesives or silicone
  • Compatible with most pocket housings on the market