4 FILTECH™ cartridge eye-bolts filter housing (48h shipping)

Data Sheet
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Characteristics & benefits

  • Quick closing by eye-bolts (BB) for a better pressure resistance.
  • Available in 2 materials: 304 or 316L
  • Available in 2 heights: 20’’ and 30’’.
  • The Filtech Highflow pleated filter cartridge has a very large filtering surface (2,5m²/10’’)
  • Simplified maintenance thanks to the Ltech Highflow technology.
    Reduction of filtration and maintenance costs.
  • Filtration flow rate between 20 and 120m3/h

QPINOX model from the Quali-filtres range is a large cartridge filter housing designed for the industrial sector.

Its molded design incorporates a toggle bolt closure and DN80 or DN100 PN16 flanged connections.

The cover is equipped with a 1/2’’ BSP connection for mounting a vent valve or a pressure gauge and a 1’’ connection for mounting the drain valve.

The surface is electropolished for easy cleaning and corrosion resistance. The filter housing accepts 20” and 30” FILTECH™ Highflow filter cartridges that reduce filtration and service costs.

The very large filter surface area of FILTECH™ Highflow filter cartridges provide minimal pressure drop and excellent retention capabilities.

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