Stainless steel filter cartridge

Data Sheet
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PORAL INOX is a filter media made from 316 stainless steel granulated dust sintered at high temperature, whose calibration and quality have been carefully controlled. The porosity of the media depends on the filtration threshold and can exceed 50% void.

PORAL INOX elements are recommended when fine filtration, together with high pressure and/or temperature are required.
From the PORAL INOX media we produce cylinders and filter cartridges.


One of the ends is completely closed by a flat bottom welded to the isostatic tube without welding ‘’PORAL INOX’’ and the other end has a threaded hole. On request, the end cap can be changed by a flange or another accessory.


The filter cartridge is made of a seamless isostatic tube ‘’PORAL INOX’’; the ends are welded with a flat bottom and different types.


The «PORAL INOX» cylinder has the advantage of guaranteeing total tightness for the filtration of steam and other fluids at high temperatures because it uses a metal/metal seal and does not require a seal that could deteriorate. Expansion phenomena have no influence on filtration safety. The cylinders can operate at temperatures up to 450°C. The cylinders also exist in «PORAL MONEL» and «PORAL INCONEL». True filtration and particle retention capacity. Lighter than a carbon block cartridge Certified and tested by NSF International to NSF/ANSI Standard 42.


These cartridges are designed for fine filtration, when the temperature is compatible with the seal materials.

The typical application is steam filtration used in membrane sterilization processes.

Monofilament filter bag
(1 to 1500 µm)
Felt filter bag
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Ultra long-life felt filter bag
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