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Our laboratory

SIEBEC LTS provides its customers with its scientific expertise and its measurement means to bring pragmatic answers to your complex problems of fluid purification and filtration.

Thanks to our equipments, our engineers of the SIEBEC LTS pole can provide you with adapted solutions to improve your processes, reduce your operating costs and improve your environmental impact.

Our laboratory offers:

  • Suspended solids according to NF 872 or gravimetry according to ISO 4405 for oils
  • Fouling index or filterability index according to NF EN 48-692 for oils
  • Efficiency and capacity of the filtration cartridges (beta ratio)
  • Particle count or cleanliness classes according to ISO 4406© (or NAS 1638...) for oils
  • Laboratory-scale filtration
  • Spectrophotometer (dco, heavy metals...)

Our laboratory and our engineers come to your site:
We provide on-site filtration skids or pallets to conduct filtration experiments as close as possible to your conditions.

Our SIEBEC LTS team remains at your disposal, do not hesitate to contact us.

Find all our technical guides on the page: publications.