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Filtration media manufacturer

Our range is divided into several families including standard, special and high efficiency bags.

A filter bag adapted to each of your problems

Our filtration bags are available in 10 different technologies in order to perfectly adapt to your filtration objectives at the best cost.

The ultimate in filtration

We have integrated the latest generation of media into our range of products to offer you even better performance.

Keep your filter housing

We have developed a complete range of rings compatible with all the major brands in the sector.

Top of the range consumables

Our factory is equipped with the latest technology in bag manufacturing to offer our customers performance and durability.

Don’t let your filter bags be a source of pollution

Sewn filter bags are laser cut. This process does not tear the fiber of the pouch, and therefore does not generate volatile particles. In addition, the laser has a cauterizing effect that prevents the fabric from fraying.

High efficiency, very high performance filter bags

QUALIPOCHE HE are multi-layer bags whose layers are fully welded together, guaranteeing complete filtration without bypass.